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24 May 2007 @ 01:42 am
Player Meme Thing, cause I'd might as well  
Ahaha, I am stalking ur journals, stealing ur memes? Actually, this one is one I really should fill out.

Me: I am I. Call me Al Paul, if you want.

I play: Here? Just this one character.

Available on: AIM and through email. As I've said before, the IRC makes me nervous and I feel unjustified to lurk there. And when I feel that way I make myself look ridiculous and behave foolishly. I do, however, know how to work Internet Relay Chat so if summoned, I can appear, just don't expect to find me in there. If I *am* in there, I'm in "lurk" mode. I am not anti-social, though. If you want to catch me on AIM just to talk, be my guest! I tend to be invisible by day, so it's worth poking my SN to see if I'm actually there. By night I am always visible.

Timezone/Language: Eastern Standard Time. Since I am currently not working (despite my best efforts) I can be found online pretty much all day, every day. My first, and only, language is English. I can also understand a tiny bit of Latin but I somehow doubt that'll ever come up. I also don't sleep. I drink coffee at 1 am sometimes, so you can find me long into the most insane of hours. Me fluttering about until 4-4:30 in the morning is not uncommon.

The playing experience: I am in a fair number of RPGs outside this one, and they all demand some of my time, two of them I GM so of course they require my attention. This RPG will not be neglected, but I do juggle games. For the most part, I comment ninja rather than make posts of my own since my post ideas are seldom worthwhile or amusing. If I suddenly stop threading, it's because Paul has nothing more to say or because I myself have suddenly left my coveted computer for some reason. I'm game for planned RP or random spur-of-the-moment RP.

Thread Jumping: I tend to do it so everyone else should feel absolutely free to jump into Paul's threads. Unless they're locked, of course.

Crack vs Emo: My canon is silly. My character isn't. So, really, it's all good. Anything he does that's ridiculous, he'll do in all seriousness. Feel free to laugh at him. Feel free to ruin his life, too. Or sucker him into crack. Anything goes.

Goals: In life? In life I would love to study Medieval History in Edinburgh, but I think that's not what I'm being asked here. I have no goals with Paul. I came in blind and so did he. In all likelihood he will not become a huge presence in this game. But I hope that he stays in character and remains a fun person to poke at for those who do interact with him. He'll start talking to more people, eventually...

Comfort Levels: I am a rock. There aren't very many things that will squick me but if you're worried it might, then just shoot me an IM. But why would you want to do anything that off colored to a Pokemon character, anyway?

Betaing: My BA was in English so I'm always willing to do basic grammar-checks. If I know the canon, I can do voice checks as well. That said, I am terrible at writing apps myself. I can give you pointers but you'll probably want to send it on to a secondary beta afterwards.

AUs: P0rn AUs and Paul is like oil and water; they don't mix unless you remove the gas dissolved in the porn. Probably not.

Pimping: Like my canon needs to be pimped...Yeah I'm sure I'll pimp something. I've already pimped the music.

Concrit: Please. I always like to hear how I'm doing, especially with someone I've never RPed before.

Other: The people on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down. The people on the bus go up and down. Eventually, they throw up.
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